Moodabidri koti-chennaya jodi kere kambala

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Moodabidri koti-chennaya jodi kere kambala

Koti Chennaya Jodi Kere Kambala (kambla)

Kambala (buffalo race):- Kambala is a traditional sport of Mangalore Udupi (tulunadu). Kambala is the traditional buffalo race in the muddy water held during december till march in various places of mangalore.

Mangalore  (also called Kuḍla in Tulu, mangaluru in Kannada, is the main port city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located about 350 kilometres from Bangalore. Mangalore lies between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat mountain ranges.

History of Kambala: Kambala was conducted by kings for entertainment. Gradually cultivators of the wet land continued this sport. Of the many buffalo pairs used for agricultural activity, one pair is kept exclusively for the racing purpose. Kambala conducted for either prize, betting or as just a mere a status symbol.

There is one more story of Kambala. It was the event conducted to pay tribute to their Gods for protecting their crops.

[pextestim name=”quote from Kambala” occup=”courtesy : Internet”]A popular quote from Kambala :”courtesy : Internet”]”Hold your breath. Silence rules the air as thousands watch in stunned anticipation! The man is crouching behind the buffaloes on a slive of wood attached to the animals. Not a muscle moves. Only the wind is playing on his lock of hair. For him the race is all that matters. Suddenly the scene explodes, the man springs up, his hand cocked, his whip held high and the huge animals lunge forward, bellowing, their hooves churning the muddy waters and sending their wet spray in the hot air, their eyes wide, wild and white – man and beast engaged in one spurt of activity and one aim – victory.”[/pextestim]


Koti-Chennaya Jodi kere kambala(moodbidri): This year was the 11th year of koti-chennaya kambala. There were 210 pairs of Buffaloes to contest 11th year Koti-Chennaya Jodi kere kambala. I reached Moodbidri by Saturday morning 7:30. As I got last seat in the bus, I couldn’t sleep properly in the journey. Found one good hotel in Moodabidri and slept for few hours.  After a nap it was 11am J.


Reached the place where the Kambala was conducted, was surprised to see only few spectators. I was happy that the crowd was less. I could able to shoot. Then I realized as it was 12am, I was not getting proper shots. It was either harsh light or under exposed buffaloes.

Took few shots and came back to the hotel to have lunch.


Koti Chennaya Jodi Kere Kambala (kambla)

Called my friend who is native of Moodabidri to know hotels for food. Fortunately the hotel which he suggested was the one where I was staying. Had some yummy fish curry, fish fry and some rice. My stomach was full so thought take some rest. While checking the photos which I took in the morning, I didn’t realize when I fell asleep. After few minutes woke up and checked the time, it was 7pm. I didn’t realize that I slept for almost 7 hours. Thinking that I missed the evening shoots, went back to the Kambala place.


During night the fully packed crowd, where I couldn’t get in to the front to click good pictures. But still took few pictures (was not satisfied with my pictures).


Tips for shooting Kambala:

Koti Chennaya Jodi Kere Kambala (kambla)


  1. Best time to shoot is during evening while sun is setting or during morning.
  2. Carry some fixed aperture lens as it needs fast lens with high aperture.
  3. No flash allowed.
  4. Confirm the venue and date time before with the organizer before leaving from your place.
  5. Try to shoot from either sides of the track. Shooting from the front might be risky if the organizers couldn’t control the buffalos.

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